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Top Gmail security way – Helps keep your email account safer

Are you using the Gmail account or you are Google account holder then the first responsibility is to make the secure and protect to your email account. Here we are sharing the few most useable and beneficial tip for the Gmail users that helps to keep safe and secure to their email account, follow the below simple steps and enjoy the email services securely.

Mostly whenever users don’t take seriously and ignore the security his Gmail account then someone take the advantages and misuse your account. Mostly hackers are searching the popular or branded email account and try to hack them. Are you notice or think anybody is want to hack your account or hacked the account, quickly reset or change the password. Apply these steps to keep secure your Gmail account by do some changes in the setting and configuration of account settings.

1: Add Complete security checkup

Go to the Google account security and setting to start the process, visiting the recovery status like email and phone number by the security checkup process. In the next step you can add the 2-step verification for extra security options. You can give the permission to your account for the accessing purpose.

2: Follow these Gmail security steps:

  • Always Choose a strong password
  • Check your Gmail account settings
  • Accounts and Import tab
  • Filters and Blocked Addresses tab
  • Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
  • Update your web browser
  • Report scams, spam, and phishing

You want to contact the expert that provides 24×7 hours help, and then call on Gmail account security and privacy help service center one only popular and trustable in USA & CANADA that provide the Gmail account security tips though the toll-free helpline number. You will easily find the contact details and dial Gmail customer service contact number or Gmail technical support phone number, technician will quickly fixed the issue and manage your account properly.

Whenever you feel some one unauthorized person is access to your account or you can’t signin to your account then quick change your google account password. Users can easily reset or change the password from his own any device desktop, laptop, ipad, smartphone etcBusiness Management Articles,.

Recognize and solve WordPress problems through wordpress technology

If you want to create your own website with out using code then it provides easiest way to develop website with the help of Domain Name and hosting.

WordPress is easy to use but sometime when you use word press for developing a website then you may face some technical problem,To get rid off these problems you can contact to WordPress Technical Support Number, they will definitely resolve your problem.Some technical problems which you might be face are explained below:

  • Problem with Internal server Error
  • problem with fix word press memory Exhausted error
  • Log in issue with Word press
  • When you upload an Image then it can create some problem
  • 403 forbidden error in word press
  • fatal error issue

For resolving issue of Internal server error you need to check your server error log ,so you will get to know where the error is you can figure out this error and can resolve accordingly.

Word press provides you a limited memory space that is equal to 33554432 bytes and this memory space is available in the home network of window.if this size exceeds then fatal error occurs ,when word press script the default allocated size limit .for resolving these Error you can contact to WordPress Cutomer support number ,they will provide you an excellent solution of your problem.

Word press log in issue : Some times when you enter your user name and password to login to the word press account then it goes back to the login pageHealth Fitness Articles,then you need to do following things:

  • then you need to check your values for site URL and home URL field in the word press options
  • you will have to check your permalink settings.
  • Then you can again set up in the PhP file of word press
  • Finally your word press dashboard will be open and you can use it .

There are so many Google Support forum and word press website from where you can get word press toll free number and you can ask any question to them for resolving your query.

Word press customer have the option to avail the help facility in many ways .You can dial word press Help line number if you need any word press help and you are facing some issue.Word press customer are available through out the year.You can call then any time for getting solution of your problem.

How to quickly delete iCloud account without entering a password

Get your iCloud account deleted without having to enter the password

It may be that you may be giving your iOS device to some persons. In such cases it would be a good option to delete the iCloud account from the device. Users should know that they can always delete the iCloud account from their device and that too without having a password. Below mentioned steps are exclusively designed for the iPhone and iPad users.

Steps to delete iCloud account without password:

Step 1: Simply tap to open the Settings app from the respective device and then they can look for iCloud over there and simply tap on it to open the same.

Step 2: Users can now enter any random number as they will now be prompted for a password and then tap on Done.

Step 3: Users will now get to see on the screen incorrect username and password in which they can tap on OK and then on Cancel which will take the users to main iCloud page.

Step 4: Next thing which users can do is tap on Account they will have to first remove the description and then they can tap on Done.

Step 5: This will allow the users to visit the iCloud official page without having to enter the password.

Step 6:Icloud users can now scroll down to the bottom to tap on remove and when done then users can again tap on Delete

iCloud customer service number

Simply seek user friendly services from the best technicians in the market by dialing the 24/7Icloud customer service number. They are offering high quality services to the users all through the year which means users can anytime feel free to seek services from them. The technicians will need to remote access the users system from their place and then simply locate the root cause of the issue and if users are willing to get it fixed then only they offer troubleshooting assistance. Apart from this at times they also got to offer live chatting and mail support or onsite assistance to the users.

Here’s how to remove pop ups in Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome is very popular for its reliable features and pop-up blocking is one among those. With the help of this feature, users can block unwanted pop-ups from their browser while using it.

Do you want to remove pop-ups in your Google Chrome browser and don’t have any idea about that? Then don’t be depressed. Contact Google Chrome phone number and get relevant instructions from the technical experts on pop-ups removing. You can also apply the below instructions which can help you to remove pop-ups in Google Chrome browser:

  •  1:- First of all, open your Google Chrome browser.
  •  2:- Now go to the Settings menu.
  •  3:- Now scroll down to the bottom and then tap on the Show Advanced Settings icon.
  •  4:- After that, tap on the Privacy section.
  •  5:- Select Content Settings under the Privacy tab.
  •  6:- Now Scroll Down and then tap on the Pop-ups.
  •  7:- Now checked the box Do not allow any site to show pop-ups.
  •  8:- After thatFree Reprint Articles, tap on the Done to complete the procedure.

Are you not capable of removing pop-ups in your Google Chrome browser with the help of above described steps? Then dial Google Chrome tech support phone number where you can obtain result oriented assistance from the team of qualified professionals. These professionals will provide an effective resolution to fix your multiple technical issues. You contact on these numbers at 24/7 hours.


In the recent era we are seeing around that the incident of hacking is happening and ultimately our private data fall in danger unconditionally and ultimately we are being cheated mentally and financially both. The product has been created by in-depth technical research and analysis therefore you will definitely require Norton Antivirus Customer Service Number at the time of any complication.   Solve These Technical Issues Quickly And Conveniently:

  • If Norton Antivirus is not able to install in many windows series.
  • Take the help if you are finding stuck and obstacle in any process.
  • In case need to make some changed in Norton Services.
  • Upgrade the plan if it is about to lapse.
  • Process to prevent bit changes in Norton Services.
  • Mobile device related miscellaneous queries.
  • When the system is preforming slowly.

  These are the few technical issues for which we provide instant solution. In case your query lies in above list or for some different case as well dialling Norton Antivirus Technical Support Number would be the perfect choice. The number is active for 24 by 7 round the clock and any user can contact free of cost.   Reasons for which Norton Helpline number is high in demand always:

  • On time full support and solutions.
  • You save money, time and unnecessary efforts.
  • Cent percent guaranteed solutions.
  • Easy way for perfect communication specially live chat.
  • 24 * 7 awake technical officers.

  The company which has been represented Norton Antivirus Helpline Number take the proper responsibility of their customer. Numerous latest technologies are introduced in the state-of-art infrastructure that are highly useful in providing remotely assistance to the concerned users. Personnel who are working in our premises are carrying many years of experience and thus they are being able to serve proper solutions. People who are availing helpline service are recommending others also.   Other devices also require Norton Antivirus Tech Support:   By seeing the growing world of digitization it become essential for all company to manufacture the supported app and software for mobile devices as well. People of now a day carry all the app and work most of the task from their mobile of tab only. Technicians working in the company are highly knowledgeable in the sameHealth Fitness Articles, process of handling in the mobile solutions are provided easily through them.

Welcome to the New Business Opportunity website here

Websites are today the backbone of every business. Businesses need to reach out as many potential customers as they can in order to sell fast and make good profits. In the tough and highly competitive market today in every industry segment, businesses need to focus on optimizing their websites for enhanced visibility on search engines. Every business is today making efforts to accomplish SEO on their sites. Therefore there is a huge business opportunity out there in the SEO arena for those looking forward to a serious and prestigious business opportunity. If you can accept client projects on SEO, you can make huge profits. If you wonder how to do this business without big investments and infrastructure, here is the viable answer.

White label SEO outsourcing

White Label SEO Outsourcing is a great business model where you can take up SEO projects from your clients while not having any infrastructure or investment on your own. For instance, SEO is a highly cumbersome task. To do SEO, you need to invest in state of the art computers, salaries of personnel, the office space (whether owned or rented and other overhead) and running costs of the center you work from. On the other hand, the White label SEO allows you to market SEO products without your own infrastructure. You just have to get the client orders while the other partner does all of the SEO and delivers the final product in your name. This means you get to earn without investing a pie.

How you benefit from this business model

? No need of any investment or infrastructure

? You need not administer your business, the office and incur the expenses on maintenance and management.

? You need not worry about hiring and managing the professionals, getting the work done, ensuring the quality delivery and other aspects connected to SEO.

? You can clearly focus on the marketing alone without worrying about the day to day operations of the business.

? The white label SEO business benefits you from less investment and more returns.

Why choose us

We are a highly reputed company in the SEO arena. We have been accomplishing a lot of SEO projects on our client websites and have delivered amazing results on them. We are committed to the interests of our business partners. Since we lay a big focus on quality and consistency across our projectsArticle Search, you can stay relaxed on the outcome and market the SEO products under your name. Thus white label SEO outsourcing opens up a new world of exciting opportunities.

Twitter informs iOS and Android Apps to upload images faster and easier

Recently the social networking site twitter has updated its own new and unique iPhone and Android apps and in twitter as it is published this latest news that made the tweeting simpler and also easier. This tweeting of model of iPhone helps you come to know as you opens or login your tweeter homepage.

As it is tweeted that the micro-blogging services eliminated few of the methods earlier which war required to share photos that create the procedure easier and rapid entirely. Just with newest version now you can also tweet the pictures just in few seconds only and no much time will be taken at all to tweet the photo.

When you want to share a photo from your camera roll, simply click the photo icon on the bottom right corner of the tweet box, and thats it. In addition, when you add an image to your tweet, youll now see a full preview of the photo, not just the cropped version.

If you would like to share the photo from your camera then it is quite easy and simple and first you need to click the photo icon which will be given there of the tweet box. After that when you done adding your images to your tweeter then you can easily see the full preview of the images completely that appears so clear.

Further than, those all developments twitter also designed few changes to the accounts system like when you go to write a tweet then you can see avatar and username providing you that indication that how actually your posts will be displayed there. If you have already created more than one tweeter accounts profiles then it must be simpler to choose that which you would like to utilize exactly.

On android apps the update will be included with other user requested that will be turned and changer for the notification. The newest and modified versions allow you to view entire details about the interactions through the Notification Drawer. You will be able to remove the notification to extend it. Though, twitter wiped out the borders what was around the timelines actually that are based on iOS versions so, even, the tweeting will fill the screen right now.

Even, the Twitter apps which are updated one that will be easily available for installing process in the App store and also in Google Play and in between in last week the Tweeter also announced login verification that speaks that is “a form” that is belong two factor verification that planed to assist users for the best security for their profile accounts. Those persons who actually have signed up and also login the verifications that need to visit their as usual password with six digits codes delivered through text all time when they sign up into

Hit The Ball With Sure Shot by Social Media Tip

Social Media is great and compulsory for all the small as well as large organizations. As in today’s world, if you are not on social media that mean you don’t have an identity. Therefore, it is significant to make your position. However, doing it right is equally important to get the outcomes of your efforts. You can contact any of the SMO Company to get the professional support. Additionally, here we share some sure shot tips you can apply in your strategy to get the effective results.

Hit The Nail On The Head With These Simple Social Media Tips:

  • Pick The Right Platform: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and there are many other social media platforms you may find over the internet or intranet. Finding the best among all is important to give a kick-start to your online journey. So, do your complete research and create your position on the platform where most of your customers are available.
  • Respond Quickly: Social Media is not a one night campaign if you build your reputation, so, you have to take efforts to maintain it. And customer engagement is the key to its success. Thus, you should respond to all the queries as soon as you can, or else, they will feel ignored and leave your page immediately. To get success in the strategy you should respond your customer quickly.
  • Don’t Ignore Negative Comments: In case any of your customers leave a negative comment on your social media page, rather ignoring it, you should handle them professionally and politely. It will sort out the things and never create any wrong image in another person’s mind who is reading the same. You have to turn the table smartly to hit the strategy.
  • Timing Matters A Lot: Every social media has some of its peak time during, which more and more people are active on the platform. You have to take this point into consideration. As if you post at the right time and the right platform, so, it will give guaranteed results than other days. Thus, timing matters a lot in the success of your strategy, so, you should not ignore it.

Each and every Social Media platform gives you the opportunity to bridge the gap between you and your customer. It’s upon you and your efforts, whether you make your brand or break it. These simple tips will help you hit the strategy like a pro, follow them all or else take professional assistance from a well-reputed company.

How to quickly Troubleshoot Login Issues on Websites with Google Chrome

Sometimes, it can be a problematic situation when you try to load your site with the Google Chrome Web browser on your PC and get that you can’t sign into any of the sites. At that point of time, check the settings in the Preferences menu of your Chrome web browser to ensure you can fix the problems on your own. If you’re not sure about the functions of Chrome browser, it is better to seek the help of experts on the Google Chrome phone support number. If the configurations are in a direction, check whether if someone has got unauthorized access to the accounts. There are some solutions you can take a try to troubleshoot the problems if you still can’t sign into any website in Chrome.

1 – Upgrade Google Chrome

The Google Chrome web browser is freely available to download, and it’s much compatible with almost all operating systems, for example, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android devices as well. You can also improve the functionality of your Chrome browser by adding add-ons and extensions, as well as changing the appearance by using unique themes. You can easily download the Chrome from the Google’s official site and use it as an alternative option to your default browser that came equipped with your PC. If your Chrome browser is not working correctly, then you should try to upgrade it to the latest version to fix broken files, get rid of compatibility issues with the operating system and enhance functionality.

2 – Turn On Cookies

If you still can’t log into any of the sites with the Chrome browser, checking the cookie settings of your browser might be helpful to troubleshoot the issue. Web sites that use cache and cookies to save the data about the identity and login information of a user will not allow you to sign in if cookies are turned off in the web browser. To check that the cookie settings are set on or not, click on the wrench icon at the upper of the Google Chrome application screen, followed the ‘Preferences’ tab. Click the ‘Under the Hood’ button and make sure that the cookies are enabled.

3 – JavaScript

You might face problems if the JavaScript is turned off in your Chrome browser. If the website you’re trying to load uses the JavaScript to accept the username and passwords, you can’t sign in until you turn the JavaScript on. To enable the JavaScript, click on the wrench icon, followed by the ‘Preferences’ tab, and then the option to let the websites run the JavaScript.

4 – Identity Theft

If you have assured that cookies and JavaScript are turned on, and you have an active Internet connection that allows you to load sites with Chrome, it may be possible that someone has got access to your accounts. If you use the similar login credentials for various sites like the email account, the bank, and an online forum, anyone can guess or otherwise finds the password for one website can get access the other websites also. The intruder could then modify the password, preventing you from accessing your account. At such time, consult with the customer service experts at the site and know how to get rid of the security breach.

5 – Clear cache, cookies, and browsing history

Deleting the cache, cookies and your Chrome browser history can be a helpful solution to fix the issues if you can’t log into the website. It means that the site settings will be removed and some websites might not be able to load because all of the clusters have to be loaded again. It is useful solutions if any of the websites are not loading correctly.

6 – Consult with Google Chrome Customer Service

However, if restarting the web browser and other solutions as given above has not helped you to get rid of your Chrome browser problems and get it back to work, then you should try other possibilities for the solution. In such a situation, contact Google Chrome support phone number and consult with the experts to know whether the problem is not with the Chrome itself.

Social Media Marketing Techniques You Should Try Trying to Hit Your Branding Campaign

No doubt, marketing is incomplete without social media nowadays. It becomes an important part of our journey that leads us the right path to reach the heights. Are you still waiting, whether you should go for it or not? Don’t waste your time, jump on the bandwagon, before you left behind and your competitors will turn the table. Social media is a great place to build your brand as it gives bangs for your bucks. Because of lack of the knowledge, most of the people make some silly mistakes that ruin their image.

Always remember that you should never put all your eggs in one basket, it is an important rule that paves your path to success. It is a huge part of a branding campaign and in an order to get succeed you should adopt the following techniques. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

A Quick Look Into The Social Media Techniques That You Should Adopt:

  • Use Quality Pictures Of Your Products And Services: Images or visual effects have the power to influence and pull in the crowd to your page. The right picture at the right place makes a huge difference and can actually play a vital role in the success of your branding campaign.
  • Build Up Curiosity: Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, but the hunger for knowledge differentiates you from the crowd. If you want to win the branding campaigns with your social media marketing, so, you should build up some curiosity among your visitors. It will bring them to your page and give them a reason to go through it.
  • Go And Get Engaged With The Followers: If you want to generate leads from social media, so, the most important thing you need to do is go and get engaged with your customers. Yes, if you are failed to interact with them, so, there is no mean of devoting your times and efforts.
  • Catchy And Creative Content: To attract customers to your social media page, content plays a significant role. Creative content grab their attention and boost up your brand image among them.

These are a few tactics that help you win the branding campaign with social media. In case you don’t know what exactly to do, where, when and how to start, so, you can take professional assistance from an SMO Company near you. It is an important investment for the success of your online business, so, never hesitate and don’t take your steps back.